Friday, April 23, 2004

Tallbike Pubcrawl

The Organ Donor is CHUNK666's first tallbike, built in the winter of '92/'93. For its 11th birthday we threw a tallbike jousting tournament on April 24th. The night before we did a tallbike pubcrawl.

At each bar the Organ Donor would pull up a tableā€¦

The Clinton Street Pub celebrates the Organ Donor's 11th birthday.

CHUNK666 and friends take pause to strike a pose with the burfday boy. Ain't he a cutie?

So many beers! So many pubs! The Organ Donor takes a breather and plays the numbers for a few minutes. He lost $54.

Even more beers, many, many beers, later, Thud somehow agrees to ride home with the Organ Donor...

HOWEVER! Organ Donor's saddle mysteriously fell apart. LUCKILY, we had a spare pickle in our spare parts kit.