Friday, August 6, 2004

DeadBaby Downhill VIII

We attended the sixth Dead BabyBike Club Downhill race/party two years ago.

There was a big push to go again this year, so we loaded up the GrayGhost, and actually suceeded in getting out of Portland and on the road before noon. We were especially excited because Cyclecide from San Francisco were a day ahead of us and were bringing a couple of their human powered carnival rides with them. We were also excited because the managed to swing us a hotel room, for free, at a swanky hotel.

So we met them at the hotel. Some of us went to grab a bite to eat, but I wasn't hungry and hung out with Cyclecide in the bowling alley next door and drank about 4 pints of beer before even putting my chopper back together. That probably has something to do with why my stem bolt promptly stripped out. I didn't have a replacement and was feeling pretty bummed, but opted to lock the bike up and ride on the back of Rino's Choppertrike. The thing is, it was POURING rain, and it was rush-hour traffic, so riding down Capitol Hill was pretty harrowing. NOTHING could stop your bike once it was going. Still, we (somehow) got the bottom and ended up under the retractable roof the Mariners' stadium.

Anyway, the downhill happened, I got pretty smashed. Big B. got pretty smashed. Big B. was just repeating "dude, its fuck UP shit, not fuck shit up!" at some point during jousting. The Wideband Chunkulation Field must have fluctuating because despite throwing empty whiskey bottles around there weren't any fights. At least that's how I remember it.

Big surprise but we basically walked all the way back to the hotel because it uphill. The downer was Big B. rode Liberator's chopper Steve to the convenience store and when he came out it had been stolen. At least there was a hot tub in the hotel room (can't believe I didn't get a photo of that! Oh, wait, I can believe that).