Saturday, January 8, 2005

Rink of Fire!

Big B. and Thud were out of town for the Historical (Re)Re-Enactment on the Eve of the New Year.

Big B.’s going to New Zealand in a few days.

We had plenty of ordnance left over from the prior weekend.

Given these simple truths, some of us figured we’d get a barrel fire going, down a couple cold ones, experiment with some new Ordnance Delivery Devices, and light off a few Flaming Bikes of Death at our leisure down at Chunk Station Zebra.

Krack was really hell-bent on trying out this new delivery device: wooden wings coming off the back of the bike, with three “pods” suspended under each wing.

I gave the tomato planter lizard tail a second go, but this time added a stabilizer mast thingy coming off behind the back of the seat, with some bailing wire connected from the end of this mast to the end of the tail. Then, for kicks, I threw a sail, or dorsal fin, if you will, between said bailing wire and the main body of the tail.

We took our sweet time loading up, since there was no deadline (like midnight) to meet, or any overt fear of a police crackdown since there were only 15 or so of us around in the first place.

The Megulon-5 showed up with four Christmas trees (!) fastened to the front and back of Portlandia. These he stuffed with some newspapers in between the branches since they were pretty far from dried out enough yet to go up in a good blaze.

It was around this time that Krack started getting really antsy about the weather, since the Event Horizon’s wings prevented him from simply backing into the garage like the rest of us. So he decided it was time to blow stuff up.

Everyone huddled back around the barrel fire, and I waited for Megulon to finished newspaperering his Christmas trees, and for Big B. to put his little shindig together: a very large wok and a very small BBQ grill towed behind a beat-up old cruiser by two 10-foot-long lengths of chain.

Then, when it was time and everyone had downed a few more beers, me and Big B. lit off simutaneously.

I like this next one because you can see the newspapers I put in the front wheel between the spokes.

Then it was time for Megulon’s Christmas Special. Will Megulon teach the CHUNKs the true meaning of Christmas, or just burn the villagers’ Christmas trees?

This one I like because you can get a sense of the scale of the fire those Christmas trees are making. Its illuminating the entire parking lot, and sending cinders a good 20 feet or so in the air. That’s a lot of heat. In fact…

It got so hot Megulon had to bail off the bike. We tossed the remains into the barrel fire.

All of this, it was only 11:30 or so. We drank all the beers, went on a beer run, drank some more. Some folks expressed the desire “to do this more often.”