Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Re-rebuilding Biscuit.

Realizing the bizcuit was not only languishing in basement but also chancing to never ride forth again = emergency reiteration!!

the cool, curvey touch of biscuit....

Due to high center of gravity and the proximity of its pedals to the seat wreck unholy hell on (already beat-up) knees*. Clearly, drastic pre-emptive surgery required. Biscuit rushed to the Lab, rear seat stays amputated, and rear triangle from donor bike from the pile lashed to remaining front half with a wooden welding jig.

With jig keeping frames in place, welding a cinch. Fork, wheels, etc. reassembled. New Biscuit arrived!! Cigars passed around and lit and smoked with much back-patting and attaboys!

Still needs idler, in shape of tiniest one-piece crank for placement in empty forward bottom bracket.

*An old CHUNK666 adage says: "Every Chunkathalon ages you five years." This is especially true of knees.