Monday, March 21, 2005

TV Smasher

Johnny Payphone forwarded these great pictures of the TV smasher from when I was in Chicago last Saturday. This is from the television we smashed in the lot of the fire station. Johnny’s cranking the winch to “load” the smasher. You can see the fine work the two us did converting the smasher into a mobile trailer. I’m holding my hand at the level that the smasher should never be cranked beyond (which roughly extends the garage door springs to twice their length, or about 45 degrees from parallel to the ground). You crank it past that point and fire it, the smasher will actually do a sort of crazy somersault backwards onto the triggerman, like something out of a Wiley E. Coyote blooper. You can see the trigger line trailing off to the right.

[Photo by...?]

All set?

Then its time to trigger this son of a bitch!

[Photo by...?]

Great pic. You can see the spike hitting the “sweet spot,” where it punctures through the top of the television and then blasts through the screen… from the inside!