Friday, April 29, 2005

Tallbike Pubcrawl

The second Organ Donor Invite kicked off Friday with a pubcrawl, starting at the Know at NE Alberta and 20th. Got there late, in accordance with CHUNK 666 bylaws. Turnout bigger than last year. Dead Baby Bike Club and Zoobomb accounted for. Hey, Big B.'s back from being abroad since January!

Time to roll. Chatted with Dead Baby Ian. Thought I was hosting several Babies on my floor for the weekend, was expecting them around 6:00 at my front door. Oh, they parked and unloaded somewhere else in NE, then headed straight for Mary's Club, of course. Crawl heads to Billy Ray's.

Beer. Talk. Repeat. Roll across quadrants to the Basement Pub. Margorie eats pavement on SE 12th Avenue. Everyone stops. She managed to break her fall, but she's still gonna have a black eye come tomorrow. The funny thing? She's riding a normal ol' mountain bike. Basement Pub. Indecision about what to do next. Group splits in two because Zoobombers "don't want to go any further south," which is understandable, I guess.

Pick up beer, head south to Megulon-5's house. Fire out back. This is my favorite part of the evening. Conscript Ian to help me carry the huge, dead Christmas tree on the side of my house that's been getting in my way since, well, after Christmas, over to Megulon's. Drag it up next to the fire then sorta roll it on top of the flames. WHOOSH! Thank goodness I thought to snap a picture, and by the time I did the flames were easily half as high as they were at first.

Note the person (who is that?) standing behind the fire to the left: this gives you an idea of the scale, and more importantly, the heat of that fire (everyone backed up really fast).