Friday, September 9, 2005

Photographifying the Chunkathalon.

Here are some links to photography (and some text) of the 2005 Chunkathalon, in no particular order.

J. Maus's gallery.

B. Kaplin's gallery.

Margaret Charles goes to Portland, gets 20 stitches.

News4Neighbors has an article consisting of parts one (with an amusing comment) and two.

D. Haskell's gallery.
He also put together a funny little thing he likes to call "Anatomy of a Chunkathalon photo" (Dan once wrote me and said something along the lines of "you guys are a bad influence on me, and not in a bad way").

There were some really professional-looking pictures here, but it hasn't working consistently.

K. Graham's gallery.

K. Russell's got a few in her gallery, including one of Thud being hit from behind simultaneously by two Dead Baby tallbikes and one of Dead Baby Terry being dragged by Dead Baby Ian.

Dingo of Pepto Dizmal discusses "putting out fires." And speaking of fires...

Marko of champeen CHUNK NYC has a gallery.