Saturday, October 29, 2005

Zombie Holocaust

The origins of CHUNK 666's intense, almost gravitational attraction to zombies are somewhat of a mystery, but it is a deep, longstanding love affair. Clearly, zombies tend to play the part of Harbingers of the Apockyclipse, or of lords and masters of the post-apockycliptik world. If the former, zombies may be part of the Grand Design (whatever that may be) of which C.H.U.N.K. 666 is part, and thus our allies. If the latter, then they shall be our sworn mortal enemies (since CHUNK 666 shall dominate the wastelands of tomorrow). Perhaps it is a shared affinity for feeding off of society which draws them to each other..

Image hosted by Artwork by Billdozer.
Flyer artwork by Billdozer.

As in years previous, Billdozer organized this year's ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST. a Bicycle Tour of Terror. Since Billdozer will shortly be withdrawing from our fair, sodden township, methinks a recap of his Halloween trilogy (really, quite admirable) is appropriate at this juncture.

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It began with OCCULTONOMY- The Seven Sacred Rites in 2003.

Occult: to make clear what is hidden, or to make hidden what is clear through use of symbol and lexicon

Occultonomy: the practice of using magick and ritual to achieve a state of personal autonomy; The discovery of the illuminated world to exercise power over all who dwell within
Through use of recitation, divination, and ritualistic theatrics, the actor opens the doors into the illumined sphere.

On the eve of the Dead, upon the toll of Ten, shall begin a contest. The Seven Sacred Rites will be a contest like rarely one has ever seen. Participants will be asked to perform Seven rituals, kept secret from the prying eyes of the unilluminated. Upon the completion of each test, the participant will learn one of the seven sacred words. Recite all seven sacred words in the correct order, and your eyes will be opened.

The Tests of the Initiates:
1) The unblinking eye
2) The mouth of Fire
3) Recovery of the Cornerstone
4) The Rebuilding of the Temple
5) Ordeal of Knowledge
6) Ordeal of Nature
7) Ordeal of War

The victor of this race will not only be the first to complete all seven rites, but the first to complete them in the correct order. Haste and rashness will not aid you here. A sharp mind and a keen ear will be your salvation.

On Hallow'Een Ten O'clock NE Williams and Tillamook Portland OR. To Be followed by a celebration for the New Initiates.*

Some may remember Halloween of 2003 as "that godawful cold one." If rememory serves me right, CHUNK 666 administered the Ordeal of War at Zebrastation, thankfully huddled around a roaring bonfire. I was in a crude zombie get-up, but lack of makeup made me resemble more businessman-mauled-by-bear than zombie.

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Occultonomy was followed by THE BLACK ARTS, which saw the emphasis shift to the walking dead among us. A good dozen outriders took to the night,

racing along lonely, dark paths, through graveyards and mausoleums, chased at every turn by the living dead, but turning out okay. This was probably the bloodiest alleycat in PDX history, with five gallons of blood poured on the victor. Animal parts and splatter were par for the course.**

CHUNK 666 zombies in various states of decomposition laid in ambush at the local Mausoleum, eating brains and generally shambling and stumbling.

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Which brings us to the present, the ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, as the CHUNK 666 zombies are once again set loose, this time into the confines of a local cemetery.

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What kind of zombie are these? Billdozer's
Primer on the subject may be of assistance...

ZombiKrak. Image hosted by

If my understanding of the "rules" are correct, at each stop the racers had to avoid being "bitten" by the patrolling zombies. If they were "bitten," they had to remain at that stop until the race was over. We were stationed at the final stop before the finishing point, and out of a reported 50 riders, we only saw about 30, a high attrition rate!!!

ZombiKrak & ZombiThud. Image hosted by

ZombiSilken & ZombiKrak. Image hosted by

* Dozer, Bill. The Seven Sacred Rites, from the P.U.M.A. website.
** Dozer, Bill. The Black Arts, from the P.U.M.A. website (scroll down).