Saturday, December 3, 2005

Poker Run.

A Poker Run consisting of CHUNK 666, a few friends, and some guests, went down Saturday night. The ante-up was $5 per person, and the game was five-card stud.

Poker Run

  • There was some variant version of redneck soccer early on.

  • Glue won the $100 pot with a straight flush. The lucky bastard.

    image hosted by flickr.

  • I think the next best hand was a pair of sixes.

  • The bar lady chastised Jason for drinking on the curb. While she was doing so I was able to discreetly camouflage my beer behind a convenient parking meter.

  • Remember suddenly feeling at some point that the people 'round the table were outnumbered by pitchers of beer (a terrifying sensation, for a moment, at least).