Saturday, May 20, 2006


If you're riding out to secret catacombs and the entrance to the catacombs smells like burnty bad stuff, then you get down on your stomach & you crawl into that catacomb!!

Down we go!!

Seriously, though. This catacomb was dark and flavored with mild yet rich swamp-ass stench! CHUNK 666 is no stranger to foreign particles in lungs!! Look what we weld with: COAT HANGERS!! For first 10 minutes with adrenaline of discovery we paid no attention to ever-present putrid air. Room after room after room evidence of a panicky hasty retreat before our eyes: abandoned documentation & more steel desks than in our wildest dreams!!

Mr. E. Pants is not feeling good.

Nothing I mean NOTHING prepared us for the catacomb's GRAND BALLROOM!! One can only imagine elaborate / decadent / cultured NUCLEAR WINTER FORMALS which were once held here.

Particulates are bad . There are lots of particulates. We are having fun.

CHUNK666 collective imaginations ran away with phantasies of sipping GROUND ZERO COSMOPOLITANS and enjoying societal gossip beneath the RAW AWESOMENESS of the Grand Ballroom's huge FRESCO!! Check it! Click it!! Make it bigger!!!

Man oh man I think some guy who used to copy LedZeppelin and Slayer cover-art in my highschool art class painted this thing.

Some of megulon-5's photography… gaze in wonder upon all those steel desks!

Check out the old lockers! THEY STINK!!

Around now adrenaline & raw enthusiasm waned. Reason and sanity regained, CHUNK 666 employed the science of camera flashes & torches to take note of sheer amount of bad things surrounding us in the catacombs. Undoubtedly, like the previous troglodyte inhabitants, we beat a hasty (but not too panicky) path back to worldy pleasures of the surface.

Halon Abort!

-silken, w/photoassist by megulon-V.