Thursday, May 25, 2006

Giant Rollerblades in CHUD Alley.

Patrolling CHUD alley late at nite & there were these opera-sized roller skates down there !!

image hosted by photobuket, click to enlarge... slightly.

They were made out of bikes so naturally of course we tried to ride them. I climbed in one but the wheel was bent so I just crawled around in it & made some dirty Mother Goose jokes to thud, but megulon-5 got in the other skate and it had flats but he rode it anyways!

image hosted by photobucket

Then he fell over because you can't see very good out the little viewport in those skates and they're kinda hard to get out of if they fall over. Still we got him out w/o jaws of life or even monkey wrench of moral rectitude!

Later one of the vestigal fire-pods on choppy exploded when it spontaneously evolved into a dead-man's switch!!