Friday, September 2, 2005

Friday Nite Rink

The Rink

When bona fide Chunkathalon planning began about a month ago, Big B. got a hair up his ass to put together a Rink. Diligent readers may recall that we threw a Rink of Fire back in January, but this isn't what he had in mind. He wanted the classic Rink: a parking lot you can ride around in circles in, a disco ball and fog machine in the center, a D.J. set-up off to the side, a keg of beer, and every available CHUNK 666 bike we can get running.

So Friday night, two days before the Chunkathalon, we had ourselves a little Rink. The tunes were thumping and people who had never ridden CHUNK bikes were trying out every which one they could get their hands on. Then CHUNK NYC got in from the airport, and kicked off a derby-esque affair, with three or four of the riders using uprooted weeds as switches to playfully whack at their opponents.

Of course, a constable on patrol eventually showed up (around 1:00 a.m.). He said he hadn't received any complaints, but instead had just been driving by, and figured he should check out what was going on. He just asked us to turn the music down a bit, but said something along the lines of "hey, there's nothing wrong with you guys having a good time."

The only real downer was the parking lot lights were bright enough to make the disco ball ineffective.

Oh, and Liberator crashed and got road rash on her leg from the knee down. Rock on, Liberator!!!