Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Country Squire

Ahh- The Country Squire! Like a balmy bay breeze betwixt the buttocks, The Squire carries it's rider in the upright and noble posture of his forebears from an earlier, more genteel era. No squatting or scraping for this gentleman, no sir! Head held high, back erect, our aristocratic rider elegantly "steers from the rear" via his chariot's patented "rack-and-spur" linkage.

Country Squire 1 Country Squire 2

With cargo space aplenty fore and aft, this dignified patrician is fully equipped for the civilized recreations befitting his station, be it a hunting safari in the darkest jungles of L'Afrique, playing Buzkashi with the Pashas of Persia, or conveying his refined Lady Jane to an evening at the Opera.

Country Squire 3 Country Squire 6

The Squire is fully disassembable - no welds here! - so as to facilitate our rakish rider's globetrotting lifestyle: easily stored in a steamer trunk aboard a pleasure cruise, airship, or zeppelin, the Squire may also be grafted onto any available velocipede, should it be necessary to "lighten one's load."

Ahhh- The Country Squire! The comfort of the future, with the style of the past!

Country Squire 4

Country Squire 5