Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ECMC Trophy

Crotchy volunteered to make a trophy for BillDozer's East Coast Messenger Chumpionships "fiasco"/weekend/race/polo tournament, and to spend a little time w/ the sawzall and the tanks.

When BillDozer is seen at polo in NY, he often holds court and relates that, though we're improving, we're not ready to play in Portland. His formative years in the Rose City created unfadeable memories of bicycle polo at it's absolute best. His horrific injury and subsequent retirement only serve to grow those memories. We hope one day to play in Portland, and perhaps to win a match or two. Until then, we will strive to enhance BillDozer's East Coast productions.

As BillDozer IS metal, the skull was an easy choice for a theme. "To the winners go the spoils", he's uttered, although this classy line didn't quite find its way to the tip of the dremel.

The initial projection: a skull from which you drink, was largely executed. Though the container (i believe part of an industrial coffee creamer cooler) was purchased from a sketchy Bowery restaurant supplier, the rest of the found metal largely dictated proportions and texture for the trophy. Bill seemed pleased with the result, and the "handcrafted" piece looked particularly raw and CHVNKy next to the other fine wares donated as prizes.