Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sailchop Expedition

The landscape was incredible. Mindblowing.

CHUNK 666 camping is just as lovely as always - whiskey toddies, bacon-fried eggs, chili beans and soup. A bit chill in the middle-nights, but soon warmed in the hot springs before breakfast. Whiskey in the morning coffee.

Downhill on Steens mountain, skidding through the ruts carving long and sweeping esses into the gravel.

Big B. and Ninja did fearsome knottitude 'pon the Willamaconda, flying laughing over the barren flats, with only the weak strainings of the vessel's factory welds holding them back.

The Willamaconda, having twice conquered the land-water medium, worked really well. The predictable oaths of "next year will be superb" were made, as a better concept of what is needed is known.

Photo sets by Krakles, Thud, and Rino.