Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Now that the breeding program is at full tilt, we will need to find ways to quench the superhuman thirst that second generation Chunklings are sure to develop. Thud is thus cultivating a bond with Dee and Clair's Brew Club So Pathetic so as to avert any potential crisis when the new brood comes of age.

Dee and Clair have been brewing for a while, but if they were to be able to satiate CHVNK livers, the five gallon partial-mash method just wasn't gonna cut it and they needed a full grain tower. Within days of the initial consultation (where he was promised as much wee-heavy as he could drink as payment) Thud found a commercial grade, free-standing, two burner propane stove in a dumpster a block from the Krackhouse. Score! A few frames from the tree 'o shame, a bed frame, a handful of coat hangers and we're hot to trot.

Since the construction was necessarily to be done on-site, the tanks were brought over from the Foxtrot station by…well…er, don't try this at home kids.

One always forgets how much "staring at it" time, mitering time, paint sanding time and all the rest goes into something with this many bits and pieces. And how well some people can procrastinate. Well, a year later it's finally done, but damn is it a beaut! It's still awaiting some of the other necessary hardware for the whole system to go on line, but we should get the first kegs by summer.