Monday, September 8, 2008

dclxvi updates

photo by megulon-5.

Aquachopper Expeditions.
Our first amphibious ride. We rode to Ross Island, camped overnight, and returned to civilization the next day.

St. Ratricks Day
We visited the Chicago Rat Patrol in 2005 for St. Ratrick's Day, which is their holiday. They get together, crash parades, ride in alleys as usual, and undergo "Rattification", which may involve settling grudges, recognizing distinguished conduct, and boasting.

2002 Chunkathlon
In August of 2002 we held a Chunkathlon. It was the most organized thing we'd ever done.

Sex Advice from Bike Jousters
Bike jousters are very do-it-yourself, any tips for how I can creatively do it for myself?

Doing it for yourself isn't just about making a chair instead of buying one - it's about being the kind of person that would think to do that in the first place. And that can be applied to your sex life; you need to be comfortable with yourself and with the idea that you're going to do things perhaps differently than most people or just to make you happy.