Thursday, August 31, 2006

Parachunkular Constructions: Girder Chopper

One rainy weekend morn we were prepping to roll. This fellow, Brooks, who happened to forage in the same sector, rolled up & introduced himself. He was astride a girder chopper meticulously MIG-welded entirely from small pieces of steel rod.

image hosted by flickr. click to enlarge.

The patience & time required to weld all those little pieces of rod together (he reported he was currently unemployed - and bored) were swiftly acknowledged.

The bike's lack of a seat tube elicited school-girlish giggles & blushes - no "safety diamond" here! On closer inspection & introspection, he had brilliantly replaced two big triangles with dozens of tiny ones!

image hosted by flickr. click to enlarge.