Friday, September 28, 2007

Humble Origins

As we await the return of our expeditionary forces from the very precipice of chunkulation experimentation in the arid highlands, we pause to reflect on our early baby steps.

original desert sailchop 01

Yea, the 1st CHUNK sailchop:
a bedsheet + a tree branch + a windy road in the middle of nowhere...

original desert sailchop 02
original desert sailchop 04
original desert sailchop 03 original desert sailchop 05
original desert sailchop 06 original desert sailchop 07
original desert sailchop 08 original desert sailchop 09
original desert sailchop 11

Monday, September 24, 2007

antlered beast

CHUNK in NY has a low profile, and we had many dropouts strewn about the shop. Crotchey decided to mark the triple-tall BMX tallbike that he made for Snowman.

If the people see it locked on the street, they see the Gary Fisher conglomerate stem antlers/handlebars, and they can identify who's responsible.

Again, cut only with the sawzall and held in place with a wrench by Shanay while he tacked them down.

In short, did it this way to add some color, and hadn't done it before.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weighs less than a Varsity.

Having decided to leave the tallbikes we took to MPLS behind, Thud thought, "wait, why build a crappy bike to leave there when I could just build a better bike to keep here?"

After staring at the brass kicking around in the shop and the Campy wheelset not getting much use in his basement, and, uh, the Raceface chainrings, the Avid braves, the Brooks saddle and a XT derailleur? It had to be done eventually.

ThudWelds1 ThudWelds2
Figs. 1 & 2

It probably weighs less than a Varsity (not that that's saying much) and he's since done a 72 delivery day as a messenger and taken 2nd place in an alleycat on it.

Fig. 3

Thud's all about the rebuildable headset too. Normally, once you weld that steering column in place, the bottom headset is in for good. You can kinda see in Fig. 4 how the thing in Fig. 3 sleeves over the shaft he's welding into the bottom fork in Figs. 1 and 2.

Fancy Tallbike Frame
Fig. 4

A bolt in that beeotch and voila, full service. Oh, and it's all fillet brazed too.

FancyTallbikeBuild ThudFinalWeld

It's still a work in progress, but eventually it will have front and rear racks, as well as rails amidships for the mini fridges. Now, if only Thud can get Big B to perfect that Jacuzzi trailer he keeps talking about, he'll really be touring in style.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Country Squire

Ahh- The Country Squire! Like a balmy bay breeze betwixt the buttocks, The Squire carries it's rider in the upright and noble posture of his forebears from an earlier, more genteel era. No squatting or scraping for this gentleman, no sir! Head held high, back erect, our aristocratic rider elegantly "steers from the rear" via his chariot's patented "rack-and-spur" linkage.

Country Squire 1 Country Squire 2

With cargo space aplenty fore and aft, this dignified patrician is fully equipped for the civilized recreations befitting his station, be it a hunting safari in the darkest jungles of L'Afrique, playing Buzkashi with the Pashas of Persia, or conveying his refined Lady Jane to an evening at the Opera.

Country Squire 3 Country Squire 6

The Squire is fully disassembable - no welds here! - so as to facilitate our rakish rider's globetrotting lifestyle: easily stored in a steamer trunk aboard a pleasure cruise, airship, or zeppelin, the Squire may also be grafted onto any available velocipede, should it be necessary to "lighten one's load."

Ahhh- The Country Squire! The comfort of the future, with the style of the past!

Country Squire 4

Country Squire 5

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ECMC Trophy

Crotchy volunteered to make a trophy for BillDozer's East Coast Messenger Chumpionships "fiasco"/weekend/race/polo tournament, and to spend a little time w/ the sawzall and the tanks.

When BillDozer is seen at polo in NY, he often holds court and relates that, though we're improving, we're not ready to play in Portland. His formative years in the Rose City created unfadeable memories of bicycle polo at it's absolute best. His horrific injury and subsequent retirement only serve to grow those memories. We hope one day to play in Portland, and perhaps to win a match or two. Until then, we will strive to enhance BillDozer's East Coast productions.

As BillDozer IS metal, the skull was an easy choice for a theme. "To the winners go the spoils", he's uttered, although this classy line didn't quite find its way to the tip of the dremel.

The initial projection: a skull from which you drink, was largely executed. Though the container (i believe part of an industrial coffee creamer cooler) was purchased from a sketchy Bowery restaurant supplier, the rest of the found metal largely dictated proportions and texture for the trophy. Bill seemed pleased with the result, and the "handcrafted" piece looked particularly raw and CHVNKy next to the other fine wares donated as prizes.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


choppy & norwegian wood